The founder (and longtime Malibu resident) collaborated with CW Creative Studio to create a clean coastal California luxe vibe for her Malibu Royalty Brand. Scope of work included the brand story, a 6 piece collection reflecting the brand’s OG rebellious regal style, an e-commerce site and a multi platform marketing program.

Making waves since 1963, Malibu Royalty is much more than a fashion line.

It is both regal and rebellious, yet embodies a laid back California luxe that speaks to all eras, past, present and future.

With it’s unique identity and attitude, Malibu Royalty has become a coveted local status only few can claim. It’s about being a part of a lineage, an exclusivity that existed long before celebrities and luxury lifestyle catapulted Malibu into a global brand.

And now it can be yours.